SEAGATE HDD External Basic (2.5'/2TB/USB 3.0) + Hosting 12 months

SEAGATE HDD External Basic (2.5'/2TB/USB 3.0) + Hosting 12 months EU data center


  • USB drive product ID: STJL2000400
  • Interface: USB 3.0
  • Storage capacity: 2TB
  • Hosting Internet connection: 1 Gbps
  • Hosting protocol: WebDAV
  • Warranty: 12 months


You are buying 2Tb/2.5" Seagate External HDD plus 12 months hosting inside our EU datacenter. Access to disk is through WEBDAV protocol availale on all operating systems (Windows 10, MacOS, Linux) and protected by password. You can extend hosting for as long as you need (in 12 months increments) or you can ship your disk to any EU destination whenever you decide. Data is on your HDD, and in your exclusive ownership. Unlimited data transfer (in/out) included!


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