Pricing policy and configurations

Heptabit backup offers various configurations and pricing policy that offers the optimal price / quality / capability ratio for the end customer. The service is charged once as an activation that depends on the size of the disk space and monthly through the maintenance price. Sending a disk or appliance on request to the user's address is included in the activation price and is free of charge.


We offer three disks and six appliance configurations. In addition to the size of the capacity, activation prices are also written.

Configurations Size Price
HDD 4 4 TB 100€
HDD 6 6 TB 130€
HDD 8 8 TB 200€
Appliance 10 TB 300€
Appliance 20 TB 600€
Appliance 30 TB 1000€
Appliance 50 TB 1500€
Appliance 70 TB 2000€
Appliance 100 TB 2500€
LTO traka 6TB 60€


The maintenance cost for the service is a fixed 5 EUR per month per device (HDD / appliance).